Christmas Songs of 2023

This holiday season, CHFI All-Christmas Radio brought to me...

  • days of joy

    Christmas music started playing on Monday, Nov 20 at 8:34:12 AM EST
  • songs each day

    And at least as many ads
  • songs played

    That's a lot of joy to the world
  • unique songs

    A unique song is a version of a song by a specific artist
  • artists singing

    On an average day, about half of these artists get play time
  • different tunes

    Many artists cover the same song - this is a measure of unique melodies

Explore the data by day, starting with Monday, Dec 25

Top Christmas Songs

Here are the songs with the most plays so far this year. Many songs have multiple versions by different artists. The most played artist is shown and where there are more artists with plays, we indicate this with +2 more.


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Top Artists

This Christmas season's top played artists are shown below along with the number of different songs they sang so far this year. , wow.

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Top Unique Song Versions

The top songs tend to have versions from many different artists. Here are the top unique song versions of the season. The percentage given is the percent of the plays that this version makes up of all plays of that tune.


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Deep Cuts

Some Christmas songs are as rare as a perfect snowflake . The following songs were only played once all season so far! Oh, what fun!


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