Top Christmas Songs of 2018

Rob Harper - Dec 24, 2018 (source)

This list summarizes the songs (all 4519 of them) played on Toronto's CHFI All-Christmas radio station between Dec 7 and Dec 23, 2018. I've compared relative rankings to the same data collected in 2017 to show how song choices change year-to-year. Hover over (or tap) a song to see the breakdown by artist. Songs dropped from the playlist this year (e.g. "Baby It's Cold Outside") are shown in red. Click the Rank or ↑/↓ table headings to re-sort the table.

Scroll past the list of songs to see the same breakdown by artist

Rank ↑/↓ Song # Plays

* Not played at all in 2018. Artist breakdown from 2017.

Top Christmas Song Artists of 2018

Rank ↑/↓ Artist # Plays

* Didn't sing anything in 2018. Song breakdown from 2017.

Data was obtained through CHFI's JSON API